a .航空压铸铝,轻、薄、高端简洁;

B. 铝罩提高了光能的利用率;

c. 专业的梳状对流散热技术;

d .新一代独特防水抗坠防腐抗高温设计;

e .智能恒流驱动技术,负荷安全设计;

f .高光效进口led,节能长寿,光色纯正;

g .低热阻路径散热设计,性能稳定;

h .高硼硅钢化玻璃,防尘抗震;



h. 人类功效学配光,防眩护眼;


Product characteristics

A. Aviation die casting aluminum, light, thin, high-end compact;

B. Aluminum mask improves the utilization ratio of light energy;

c. Professional comb convection heat dissipation technology;

D. A new generation of unique waterproof anti-fall anticorrosion and high-temperature design;

E. Intelligent constant current drive technology, load safety design;

F. High light efficiency imported, energy-saving longevity, pure light color;

G. Low thermal resistance path heat dissipation design, stable performance;

H. High strength toughened glass, dust proof and seismic;

I .1-10V intelligent dimming control mode, energy saving and power saving;

J. installation is convenient and versatile.

H.Human efficacy distribution, anti-glare eye protection

Widely used in industrial sheds, workshops, warehouses, underground garages.